9 Stars Sports


PAYSON, AZ// JULY 25-28, 2019


For more information contact: Courtney Spawn-Recreation Supervisor at 928 472-5110 or email cspawn@paysonaz.gov


12A $800

Event Registration Deadline: 7/18/2019 or sooner if division Sells Out Early!

Event Dates: 7/25/2019 thru 7/28/2019

Schedule Posted by: Monday after 6:00pm 7/19/2019


To Make a Entry Fee DEPOSIT: Please call the Town of Payson and ask for Courtney Spawn to process your Deposit at 928 472-5110. A non-refundable Deposit of $175 will be accepted to secure a spot for your team. The balance due must be paid by Thursday July 18th. Mail in Check to: Attn: Courtney Spawn - Town of Payson - 1000 W. Country Club Drive - Payson , AZ 85541 / Make Check Payable to: Town of Payson

NOTE: Teams are ONLY secured a spot in this tournament when you either pay the entry fee deposit or pay in full.

LODGING: Go to this link to see Hotel list in Payson. CLICK HERE


To get Penciled-In: Please email your team info to Bobby Pena at bp9starssports@msn.com

Pencil-In Info Requires: Team Name, Age Division, Head Coach, Head Coach phone #, Head Coach email address.

EVENT FORMAT & 12 A Western Nationals RULES

5-Game Format: 3 Pool Games + Double Elimination Bracket

Standard USA National Championship Rules apply. Click on Rules in upper left Links box.

NOTE: ALL TEAMS SHOULD BE PREPARED TO START PLAY FRIDAY MORNING, AFTERNOON OR EVENING. WE EXPECT THIS WILL BE A SOLD OUT EVENT WITH NEAR 40 TEAMS TOTAL. With six fields in the Town of Payson, Friday will be the required day to start play for all teams.

Call Bobby Pena Tournament Director if you have any questions at 623 329-3813 cell.


USA Softball 2019 Book Rule applies for 12A Western National Tournament:

FORMAT: 5-Game Format: 3 Pool Games plus Doublle Elimination Bracket.

ROSTERS: All teams must complete a USA/ASA OFFICIAL ROSTER and email to Bobby Pena-Tournament Director at bp9starssports@msn.com if you need help at 623 329-3813 cell. You can find a Blank Printable Roster on the left side in the LINKS box of this tournament page.

USA SOFTBALL SECONDARY INSURANCE: All teams participating in the event MUST have a form of secondary Insurance coverage the covers all of your players and coaches that will be in the dugout for each game. We allow whatever secondary insurance you currently have. Do not have to purchase our secondary Insurance in order to partipate in this Western National Championship Tournament. If you do not have secondary Insurance please contact Bobby Pena for help to purchase this insurance.

REGARDING GHOST BATS and Other Bats: Only the blue Ghost bats with the ASA Sticker will be allowed to be used during this 12A Western National Championship tournament. All other bats MUST have the ASA or USA Sticker in order to be used in this Western National Champioship tournament.

BATTING LINEUP: Will use USA Softball National Championship Book Rule for this item.

COIN FLIP will be 10 minutes prior to game time at plate meeting. coin flip determines home team.

LINE UP CARDS: Turn in Line Up cards at plate meeting to the plate umpire and give Official Scorekeeper and your field a copy of your batting lineup 30 minutes prior to your official game time.. Must have first and last name, Jersey # and positions and subs players listed on lineup card.

Dugout Assignment: The team listed first will occupy 1st Base dugout, if a team that is currently playing is occupying a dugout that team will maintain that dugout.

GAME LENGTH: 1 hr 20 min finish the inning for ALL GAMES including Pool and Bracket Games. NOTE: Pool Games may end in a Tie. Bracket Games must have a winner.

RUN RULE: 15 after 3 - finish the inning / 10 after 4 - finish the inning / 7 after 5 - finish the inning

NUMBER OF PITCHES BETWEEN INNINGS: Pitcher may have 1 minute to deliver not more than 3 warm up ptiches per USA Softball Book Rule (Rule 6B - Section 9 - Warm Up Pitches). Please have a catcher ready so your pitcher will get the maximum warm up pitches needed within 1 minute.

One Coach ONLY may be outside of dugout during defense half of inning. Coach will be near gate closest to home plate only for calling pitches. Must be mobile no buckets or any other items allowed to sit on field outside of dugout.

BRACKET SEEDING: Will be determined first by Pool Games record, if tied with two teams then head-to-head (if 3 or more team have tied record then goes straight to +- total of 7 maximum or minimum), if still tied then by runs +- total, if still tied then runs against, if still tied then runs scored, if still tied then determined by coin-flip.

Game time is FORFEIT time. If prior game is running late, allow the game to finish. When the game is finished, the official start time of the next game will be ten minutes after the preceding game is completed. If a team is not in dugout and head coach or a coach is not at coin flip, then the game will be declared a Forfeit.

HEAD COACHES are responsible for the conduct of your team and fans.

ADULT EJECTIONS: 1st ejection of Adult. this person must leave the park and is disallowed to participate in next game and not allowed back in park for the next game. 2nd ejection of same person that person is gone for the remainder of this event and not allowed back in the Sports Complex.

PLAYER EJECTIONS: Player will be confined to dugout but same penalty as above. 1st ejection can not participate in next game, 2nd ejection can not play for remainder of the tournament.

PROTEST: A protest may only involve the interpretation of a rule. A judgement call may not be protested. The Protest Notification must be made by the Head Coach acting Manager or Captain to the Plate Umpire that the game is being played under Protest. The plate umpire shall in turn notify the opposing team and offcial scorekeeper. The UIC will then take note of the nature of the Protest and will help determine if the Protest is valid or invalid. If invalid the game will continue with no stopage of the game. If the Protest in valid due to misinterpretation of the playing rule, the decision will be corrected and the game shall be resumed from the point at which it was protested. IF when a protest for ineligibility is determined to be valid, the offending team shall forfeit the game being played or the game last played to the offended team. The Game Clock will continue to run while protest is being heard.

NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOL, NO SWEARING, NO VERBAL ABUSE, NO THREATENING COMMENTS, this behavior is not tolerated and may result in immediate and permanent ejection from the facilities.

NO INTENTIONAL FORFEIT, NO PULLING TEAM OFF THE FIELD. Inform the Plate Umpire, UIC and Tournament Director of special circumstance of why your team may not be able to finish (i.e. injuries).

NO JEWELRY: Players are not allowed to wear jewelry during games. Tape is not allowed to cover jewelry that is considered a saftey concern to opposing player, jewelry MUST be removed, please inform your team.


USA National Championship Awards Package includes.

1st Place / National Championship Team Plaque and Individual 1st Place Awards per player.

2nd Place / National Championship Team Plaque and Individual 2nd Place Awards per player

3rd Place / National Championship Team Plaque and 3rd Place Awards per player