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RISING STARS Presents: YELLOW BALL SPORTS 2 hours 7 Inning Games!

10.14 / 10.15.2017 Host teams: Gold Coast Hurricanes & AZ Hotshots Gold


YELLOW BALL SPORTS / 2 hrs 7 Inning Games

Entry Fee
14U (5 Game Guarantee) $975
16U (5 Game Guarantee) $975
18U (5 Game Guarantee) $975

HOST TEAMS: Gold Coast Hurricanes & Arizona Hotshots Gold

Participating Teams: This event is for Gold or high skill level A type teams. Your team may need to be approved to participate in this event. Contact B. Pena at 623 329-3813 for your team to be approved.

Event Registration Deadline: 10/08/2016 - May be Sold Out Early!

Team Games Saturday & Sunday: 10/14/2017-10/15/2017

"LIVE STREAM" TWO GAMES: Two games played on Sunday Oct. 15th will be LIVE STREAM, sponsored by Play on Athletics Recruitment Service-Barrie Dodson. Details of the "Live Stream" games will be emailed to all head coaches.and players listed on the e-Roster Recruitment Book again sponsored by Play on Athletics..

Sport Parks: 18U will play at Rio Vista Sports Complex. 16U plays Saturday at Paseo Park and Sunday at Papago Park. 14U plays Saturday at Papago Park and Sunday at Paseo Park.

Game Length: 2 hours - All games are designed to play 7 Innings within this time frame.

Run Rule: 10 run rule after 1hr. 40min. In the event of a Run Rule the final inning will be completed.

All Fields are skin infield, lighted fields, 200' fences, ample warm up space.


All Divisions 5-GAME Format: All games are designed to play 2 hours 7 innings. Will have 2hrs 15min scheduled between games. In the event a team is ahead 10 runs after 1hr 40min of play, this will be considered a Run Rule and will complete the inning.

For more information contact Bobby Pena at 623 329-3813.

Let's have a great showcase recruitment event!


The YELLOW BALL SPORTS ELITE ALL-STAR Recruitment Games for 2018 thru 2021 graduate years.

Due to NCAA Division I Rules; Division I schools can not attend the All-Star Games on Friday night but, they can attend the Saturday and Sunday games.

All-Star Recruitment Games will be played at Rose Mofford Sports Complex on fields 5 & 6. Check-In for Players and College Coaches is 4:30pm. Players go to there field at 4:50pm. Games start at 5:50pm and 8:00pm.

Games will be coached by College Coaches, coaches will be in the dugout and may also be behind the backstop.

We can take up to 60 Players, first registered online will get in. Last day to register is Tuesday Oct. 10th. Players may sign up to play in two All-Star Games. If you have questions please contact Bobby Pena at 623 329-3813 cell.

Note: All-Star Games players are required to wear their club team uniforms with jersey #. All players will recieved an email two days prior to the All-Star Games indicating details of what time to check-in etc.


Rules are based on keeping the games as near competitive tournament value as possible.

All games are designed to play 7 innings with 2hrs 15min scheduled between games. Hustle in and out please, 1 minute between innings or five warmup pitches whichever comes first.

Run Rule: 8 runs after 1hr 40min. of play. A team that is up by 10 runs or more after 1hr 40min, the inning will be completed.

Turn in line up prior to coin flip.

May bat as many as you like but, MUST maintain batting order.

Team listed first will occupy 1B dugout. If team playing last game is in 1B dugout, that team will maintain that dugout.

Courtesy Runner for Pitcher and Catcher only.

May use EP (Extra Player) anywhere in batting llineup. An EP may also play on defense without announcing the change. Can also use FLEX/DP if you like.

One coach may be outsitde the dugout during defensive inning. No buckets and no chairs of any type allowed on field.

All calls will be final on the field with plate umpire. No protest.

If game is tied after 1hr 55min, the game will end in a tie. All games are finish the inning, there is no drop dead.

Games will end at 1hr 55min finish the inning if 7 innings have not been completed.

EJECTIONS; Head Coaches are responsible for your fans and assistant coaches conduct. Any Coach or Fan that is ejected will be asked to leave the park and is not allowed to return for the next game as well. If two ejections by the same adult, that adult is disallowed back on the park for the remainder of the tournament.

ZERO TOLERANCE; No alcohol, no smoking, no swearing, no threatening statements, no aggressive physical contact with any individual, no defacing city property.

NOTE: All teams participating in this event will be covered with RPS Bollinger weekend secondary insurance. All players and coaches will be covered while inside the field of play during pregame warmups and games. Teams are not covered off-site.

  • Bobby Pena Director of Fast Pitch Operations

    Hello, my name is Bobby Pena. I am the owner of 9 STARS SPORTS, as well as, the acting USA Softball of Arizona Commissioner. My goal is to host quality events that provide young athletes competitive skill building opportunities during our camps and tournaments. Likewise, I provide recruitment opportunities through camps and showcases for the upper division athletes. I take pride in the work I do and staff I hire. If you have any softball related questions about our events, or regarding our company; please contact me directly. I appreciate your support and I will see you on the field. 

    (623) 329-3813 (cell)