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Flagstaff, AZ // 6.8.2018 // 10am-4:15pm

Camp open to ages 11 - 18. This is an intermediate to advance skills Camp. (Not for beginners.) $95 per player

Entry Deadline: June 7th, 2018 (Wednesday) registration closes 6pm

Camp Date: June 8, 2018 (Friday)

A maximum of 80 players will be allowed into this camp. $10 Discount per player; If your team registers eight or more Campers. Contact Bobby Pena to receive your discount credit.

Note: If you do not meet the age requirement for this camp, please contact Bobby Pena at (623) 329-3813.


Camp Instruction includes:

Skill building & enhancement drills taught by College Coaches. These drills include: Base running, hitting, slapping, sac and sneak bunt, throwing technique, fly ball priority, pop tags, pitching/spin mechanics in detail, catcher/set up/frame/coverage/pop/catcher talk/back up rotation, infield & outfield drills, and more.


Updated info on Camp: 6/5/2018

Camp Location: Thorpe Park - 600 N. Thorpe Rd - Flagstaff, AZ 86001

  • CAMP DATE: Friday June 8th
  • 10:15am Check-In: Players behind field #3 & College Coaches behind field #2
  • 11:00am till 12:00pm PITCHERS on field #3
  • 12:15pm till 1:15pm CATCHERS on field #2
  • 1:30pm INTRODUCTION of College Coaches to all players and parents field #3
  • 1:45pm ALL PLAYERS Dynamic Stretch in left field - field #2
  • 2:00pm MEASUREMENT TESTING on fields #2 and #3
  • 3:10pm INFIELD field #2 and OUTFIELDS FIELD #3
  • 4:20pm BREAK for late lunch (30 minute break)!
  • 4:50pm HITTING field #3 - SLAPPING field #2 - BUNTING field #1
  • 6:00pm College Coach post review talk to players and parents on field #3 right field

NOTE: All pitchers will need to provide a catcher for the Pitching segment. The catcher can be a team mate or a parent. Catchers may sit on a bucket.

Required Equipment for Participants: Standard Girls Fast Pitch equipment, NOCSAE approved head gear, team practice uniform with jersey # and standard Fast Pitch approved bats and cleats.

Note: A courtesy reminder of camp agenda will be emailed to parents two days prior to Camp date. Please check your email for Camp details. There will be a 30 minute late lunch break, so please make sure your campers bring their lunch/snacks, water and gatorade.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Tournament Director
    • Bobby Pena Director of Fast Pitch Operations

      Hello, my name is Bobby Pena. I am the owner of 9 STARS SPORTS, as well as, the acting USA Softball of Arizona Commissioner. My goal is to host quality events that provide young athletes competitive skill building opportunities during our camps and tournaments. Likewise, I provide recruitment opportunities through camps and showcases for the upper division athletes. I take pride in the work I do and staff I hire. If you have any softball related questions about our events, or regarding our company; please contact me directly. I appreciate your support and I will see you on the field. 

      (623) 329-3813 (cell)