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Updated: 6/28/2018 "College Coaches attending.liist."

Colorado State Mesa DII - Brooke Hodgson behodgson@mavs.coloradomesa.edu - Head Coach

Emby Riddle University NAIA - Rudy Baca rudybaca6@gmail.com - Head Coach

Ottawa University NAIA - Justine Wichman justine.wichman@ottawa.edu - Assistant Coach

Benedictine University NAIA - Victor Soto vcsoto97@aol.com - Assistant Coach

College of Southern Nevada - Haley Sones Haley.Sones@csn.edu - Assistant Coach

Johnson County Community College - Katie Duroe kduroe@jccc.edu - Head Coach

Chandler Gilbert Community College JC DII - Bry Norris bryanne.norris@cgc.edu - Head Coach

Gateway Community College JC DII - Alex Fajardo e1prospectsfajardo@gmail.com - Assistant Coach

Glendale Community College JC DII - Matt Smith smithgang918@cox.net - Assistant Coach

John Wood Community College (Quincy, Illinois) - Merle Jones mjones@jwcc.edu - Head Coach

Mesa Community College JC DII - Grady Moorhead austin.moorhead@mesacc.edu - Head Coach

Phoenix College JC DII - Kaylyn Castillo-Manning heinz.mueller@phoenixcollege.edu - Assist. Coach

Pima College JC DI - Rebekah Quiroz aquiroz1@pima.edu - Head Coach

(NOTE: More coaches will be added as they commit to attending.)

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