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Flagstaff, AZ // 7.7.2018-7.8.2018


Join us for the July Flagstaff Instructional Camp 7/6/2018. For more information on the camp and how to sign up click on the link to the left or visit our Camps & Clinics page.

Entry Fee
10 Open $600 (first tive teams paid)
12 Open $655 (first 16 teams paid)
14 Open $655 SOLD OUT!
16 Open $655 SOLD OUT!
18 Open $655 SOLD OUT!

Event Registration Deadline: 7/1/2018

Event Dates: 7/7/2018-7/8/2018

NOTE: To be "Approved" and secure a spot in this event, teams must either pay Entry Fee in full or pay a $200 Non-Refundable Deposit. By selecting the "Pay Later" option" does not guarantee a spot but will get your team "Penciled In". Any Division will be marked SOLD OUT when the maximum amount of paid teams has been reached. When a division is marked SOLD OUT there will be no refunds for paid teams unless we are able to replace your team with another team.


All divisions have a 4-Game Format: 3 Pool Games + Single Elimination Bracket. Due to limited softball fields some teams will play at different parks within the same division. The 12U division will play at Thorpe Lil' League North and South fields and Continental #1 and #2 fields. All 12U division games will be played on grass infields. NOTE: We have played the 12U division in Flagstaff on grass infields for the past 11 years. We have asked the Parks and Recreation Department to cut the infield grass as low as possible, they have accomodated our request and it has worked out, teams have adjusted to the grass infields. All other divisons will play on dirt/skin infields.


2018 USA Western Nationals QUALIFIER: TOP TWO teams per age division qualify for a Berth to the 2018 USA Western Summer Nationals. There must be eight teams or more per age division to receive a Berth. Sixteen or more teams per age division will give Four Berths.

NOTE: Championship teams in each age division with 12 teams or more per division wins $250 to use for either our 2018 or 2019 Western Nationals or you can use for another National tournament or for your team expenses. The $250 will be awarded to the 1st Place team immediately after the Championship Game is completed.

10A Western Nationals: Aug. 1-5, 2018 / Salinas, California Tournament Director: Armando Barragon 831 755-0640 business alakers32@aol.com / Entry Fee: $950

12A Western Nationals: Aug. 1-5, 2018 / Salinas, California Tournament Director: Armando Barragon 831 755-0640 business alakers32!@aol.com / Entry Fee: $950

14A Western Nationals: July 30 thru Aug. 5, 2018 Medford. Oregon Tournament Director: Chuck Hanson 541 774-2481 business chuck.hanson@cityofmedford.org / Entry Fee: $450

16A Western Nationals: July 25-29, 2018 / Roseville, California Tournament Director: Cassie Ponzo 916 622-9060 business cassi@usasoftballsacramento.org / Entry Fee: contact tourn. director

18A Western Nationals: Aug. 1-4, 2018 / Grantsville, Utah Tournament Director: Steve Rollins 801 546-2810 business asastever@hotmail.com / Entry Fee: $500

Click here for more information about "A" and "B" 2018 or 2019 USA Western Nationals locations, dates and entry fees or call Bobby Pena 623-329-3813.


Champion and Runner-Up receives Plaques with Individual Player Awards and a berth to the 2018 USA Western Summer Nationals.

Winners of each division will receive a $75 credit towards a 9 STARS SPORTS/USA SOFTBALL of AZ tournament of their choice and TOP TWO teams per age divison with 8 to 11 teams per division will receive a berth to the 2018 USA Western Nationals. If there are 12 teams or more per age divison the TOP FOUR teams receive a berth to USA Western Nationals. Note: There must be 8 or more teams in the age division for the 1st Place Team to receive the $200 credit.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.