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USA Softball Tournament Rules:

This tournaments is a 5-Game Format: 3 Pool Games plus Single Elimination Bracket plus one Consolation Game.

Coin flip will be 10 minutes prior to game time at plate meeting. coin flip determines home team. TURN IN LINEUP CARD at plate meeting. Must have first and last name, Jersey # and positions and subs on lineup card..

GAME LENGTH: 1 hr. 20 min. no new inning after. Can have tie during Pool Play. Bracket games will be 1hr 20min no new inning after. Championship Game will be 1hr. 25min no new inning after..

Dugout Assignment: The team listed first will occupy 1st Base dugout, if a team that is currently playing is occupying a dugout that team will maintain that dugout.

Number of Batters: May bat up to 12 batters during Pool Play. May bat up to 10 batters during Bracket Play, can use FLEX/DP on both days.

Courtesy Runner for pitcher or catcher only (courtesy runner must be a player that is not in the batting lineup and has not yet been in the game.)

RUN RULE: 12 after 4 innings / 8 after 5 innings

NO HUDDLES between foul lines on playing field, using speed up rules due to time limit.

Between Innings: 1-minute between innings or five warm up ptiches whichever comes first,

Time Outs: 30 seconds for all time outs. Plate umpire will control tempo of game with Speed Up Rules. New pitcher change, pitcher will receive 5 warmup pitches.

One Coach ONLY may be outside of dugout during defense half of inning. Coach will be near gate closest to home plate only for calling pitches. Must be mobile no buckets or any other items allowed to sit on field.

Pool seedings are determined first by record, if tied then head-to-head (unless 3 way tie or more then goes straight to +- total), if still tied then by runs +- total, if still tied then runs against, if still tied then runs scored, if still tied then determined by coin-flip.

No bat warmers in dugout. Bat warmers are illegal according to Book Rule.

Game time is FORFEIT time. If prior game is running late, allow the game to finish. When the game is finished, the official start time of the next game will be ten minutes after the preceding game is completed.

HEAD COACHES are responsible for the conduct of your team and fans.

ADULT EJECTIONS: 1st ejection of Adult. this person must leave the park and is disallowed to participate in next game and not allowed back in park for the next game. 2nd ejection of same person that person is gone for the remainder of this event and not allowed back in the Sports Complex.

PLAYER EJECTIONS: Player will be confined to dugout but same penalty as above. 1st ejection can not participate in next game, 2nd ejection can not play for remainder of the tournament.

NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOL, NO SWEARING, NO VERBAL ABUSE, NO THREATENING COMMENTS, this behavior is not tolerated and may result in ejection from the facilities. Sorry but if there is a NO PET Ordinance with the City of Phoenix Parks OR any other City Parks, please inform your families of the NO PETS ALLOWED Ordinance. All games must be completed. NO INTENTIONAL FORFEIT, NO PULLING TEAM OFF THE FIELD. Inform the assigned park Site Director of special circumstance of why your team may not be able to finish (i.e. injuries).

NO JEWELRY, for safety purposes and by book rule players are not allowed to wear jewelry during games. Tape is not allowed to cover jewelry that is considered a saftey concern to player, jewelry MUST be removed, please inform your team.