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    INSTRUCTIONAL CAMP open to ages 14 - 18. This is an intermediate to advance skills Camp. (Not a beginners camp.) $100 per player

    Entry Deadline: June 5th, 2019 (Wednesday) registration closes 6pm

    Camp Date: June 7, 2019 (Friday)

    A maximum of 80 players will be allowed into this camp. $10 Discount per player; If your team registers eight or more Campers. Contact Bobby Pena to receive your discount credit.

    Note: If you do not meet the age requirement for this camp, please contact Bobby Pena at (623) 329-3813


    Camp Instruction includes:

    Skill building drills taught by College Coaches. These drills include: Hitting, slapping, sac and sneak bunt, throwing technique, base running, fly ball priority, pop tags, pitching/spins mechanics, catcher/set up/frame/coverage/pop/catcher talk/back up rotation, infield & outfield drills, and post camp talk from College Coaches to players and parents.


    CAMP DATE: Friday June 7, 2019

    CAMP LOCATION: Thorpe Park - 600 N. Thorpe Rd - Flagstaff, AZ 8600

    Camp times are subject to change. Camp times have been adjusted slightly as of 6/6/2019.

    • 09:00am Check-In: Pitchers by field #3 at check in table / College Coaches field #2 at bleachers
    • 09:30am till 10:45am PITCHERS on field #3 (pitchers MUST provide your own catcher)
    • 10:00am Check-In Catchers by field #3 at check in table /
    • 10:30am till 11:30am CATCHERS on field #2
    • 10:45am ALL POSITION PLAYERS Check-In (infileders & outfielders)
    • 11:10am Position Players Dynamic warmup in left field - field #3
    • 11:20am Infield / Outfield seperate into groups on field #3
    • 12:30pm Break Lunch!! (30 minutes)
    • 1:00pm till 2:15pm HITTING field #3 / SLAPPING field #2
    • 2:45pm till 4:45pm Camp with Flagstaff Scrapper (2 hour Instructional Camp)

    NOTE: All pitchers need to provide your own catcher for the Pitching segment. The catcher can be a team mate or a parent. Catchers may sit on a bucket, bring your own buckett.

    Note: A courtesy reminder of camp agenda will be emailed to campers two days prior to Camp date. Please check your email for updated Camp details. There will be a 30 minute lunch break, so please make sure your campers bring their lunch/snacks, water and gatorade.