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RIO RANCHO, NM // 6.14.2019

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    Age Groups & Pricing Information
    Entry Fee
    Camp is open to H.S. Grad. Years of: 2019-2023 $125

    Entry Deadline: 6/12/2019

    Walk Up players MUST approved by Bobby Pena at 623 329-3813, text no email please. We can take up to 80 players. Grad Years of 2020 thru 2023 may attend this Camp.

    Camp Date: FRIDAY 6/14/2019

    NOTE: If you do not meet the Grad. Year requirement, please contact Jonathan Gandert at 505-507-5503 or Bobby Pena-Camp Coordinator at 623-329-3813. An exception may be made per our approval.

    Event Format

    THE JUNE 14th INSTRUCTIONAL CAMP schedule is designed and taught by College Coaches:

    Skill building & enhancement drills taught by College Coaches. These drills include: Hitting, slapping, throwing technique, fly ball priority, pop tags, pitching/spin mechanics in detail, catchers/set up/frame/quick hands/quick feet/catcher talk, infield & outfield drills, and more.

    Evening Scrimmage games; College Coaches will be in the dugout instructing players. Some Coaches may be behind the backstop. In the event we have an over abundance of Pitchers and Catcher, the P and C that are of the older Grad. Year will be selected to Pitch and Catch in the Scrimmage Game. The game will be 6 innings no time limit, offense may score up to four runs in one inning then half inning is over. Will have up to three Pitchers and three Catchers per team, each Pitcher and Catcher will pitch or catch 2 innings then rotate out. College Coaches will dictate the batting order (all players will bat in lineup) and will rotate players on defense so all players will receive equal number of innings the best they can manage the games.


    CAMP SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED 6/12/2019 IN THIS Camp Information box. We will emaill all Campers a copy of the Camp Schedule two days prior to the Camp date.

    This Camp is designed and instructed by College Coaches attending this event.

    Regarding you questions for this Camp, contact Event Director Bobby Pena at 623 329-3813 cell.