9 Stars Sports

2020 Desert Ball Jr. Fall Classic (12U, 14U, 16U, 18U)

Phoenix, Az// 11.14.2020-11.15.2020

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    Divisions ENTRY FEE
    12U....First 12 teams to register and pay entry fee secure a spot. $535
    14U....First 16 teams to register and pay entry fee secure a spot. $535

    Event Registration Deadline: 11/08/2020

    Event Dates: 11/14/2020-11/15/2020

    NOTE: Choosing the PAY LATER option will Pencil In your team but, does not guarantee a spot in this event. To hold your spot please pay in full or make a non-refundable deposit of $150. A Division will be closed when the maximum amount of paid teams has been reached.


    TOURNAMENT FORMAT:..4 Game Guarantee / Tourament Format: 3 pool games + single elimination bracket

    AWARDS: 1st Place and Runner Up team plaques and individual medals. TOP 2 teams in each division win a berth to our 2021 USA Softball National Championship tournament locations and dates TBA.


    NEW PITCHING RULE FOR 2020: Pitchers back foot may start back or step back behind the pitching rubber during or before the pitchers windup.

    PITCHING RULE REGARDING LICKING FINGERS; Pitchers may not lick fingers while in or around the pitching circle. First time is no-pitch, thereafter is an automatic ball to the batter.

    SPITTING: No spiting on the field of play by anyone participating in this event.

    BATTING LINEUP: May bat entire team for Pool Games and Bracket Games.

    COURTESY RUNNER RULE: If batting entire team, the Courtesy Runner will be the LAST COMPLETED AT BAT for the pitcher and or catcher only. If you have players that are on the lineup card and have not been in the game, these players must be used as Courtesy Runner.

    GAME LENGTH FOR THIS TOURNAMENT: For All Pool and Bracket Games will be 1hr. 20 min. finish the inning. Allow 3 minutes for team to vacate the dugout before entering.

    GHOST BATS: The white, blue and gold Ghost bats may be used.

    COIN FLIP for Pool Games: Will decide home team.

    NEW!..HIGH SEED CHOICE OF HOME OR VISITOR DURING /BRACKET PLAY: High seed will have choice of Home or Visitor. In the event botth teams are same seed then coin flip will decide Home or Visitor.

    DUGOUT: Team listed first will occupy 1B dugout. If a team tha is currently playing, that team will maintain that dugout.

    RUN RULE: 12 after 3 / 10 after 4 / 8 after 5

    NO HUDDLES ON FIELD: While on field of play. social distancing is in effect. HR, players in dugout area may not enter the field.

    BETWEEN INNINGS: 3 pitches. Catcher throw back to pitcher, no around the horn.

    TIME OUTS: Limiited to 30 seconds.

    NEW JEWELRY RULE: . We have loosened up our Jewelry rule a bit. Can wear single small diamond stud on nose or ears. NO jewelry on lips or mouth area. NO HOOP EARINGS or NOSE RINGS that are considered to be harmful to either player. No tape on excessively large ewelry. PLEASE INFORM YOUR PLAYERS TO REMOVE LARGE JEWELRY OF HOOPS OR BARS. Head Coaches will be assume liablilty for injury to either player involving jewelry. This rule is to provide player safety..

    PROTEST FEE: $60 cash only before protest is heard, cash given to Site Director not umpire, Protestor wins, will be returned Protest Fee. Lose protest,forfeits $60. Clock runs during protest. UIC will help make final decision. on nature of the protest. Judgement calls are not protestable. Teams make sure you have all players birth certificates in your team binder, copy of your weekend Roster and copy of your Team Insurance.

    EJECTIONS: Adult ejected must leave the park immediatlely and may not enter the park for the next game. Player ejection is confined to the dudgout. Anyone ejected for the second time is eliminated from the tournament and park for the rest of the tournament..


    Standard USA Fast Pitch Rules apply with slight modification. Printed rules on this tournament page for this event will be in effect.