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Phoenix, AZ // 1.11.2020-1.12.2020

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  • Bobby Pena Director of Fast Pitch Operations

    Hello, my name is Bobby Pena. I am the owner of 9 STARS SPORTS, as well as, the acting USA Softball of Arizona Commissioner. My goal is to host quality events that provide young athletes competitive skill building opportunities during our camps and tournaments. Likewise, I provide recruitment opportunities through camps and showcases for the upper division athletes. I take pride in the work I do and staff I hire. If you have any softball related questions about our events, or regarding our company; please contact me directly. I appreciate your support and I will see you on the field. 

    (623) 329-3813 (cell)

12U 4 Game Guarantee $520
14U 4 Game Guarantee $520
16U 4 Game Guarantee $520
18U 5 Game Guarantee $620

Entry Deadline: 1/5/2020

Event Dates: 1/11/2020-1/12/2020

NOTE: To secure your spot in this tournament please pay full Entry Fee or make a deposit of $150. A Division will be closed when the maximum amount of paid teams has been reached. Choosing the PAY LATER option will Pencil-In your team but, does not gurantee a spot in this event until paid. For more information contact Tournament Director Bobby Pena at 623 329-3813 cell.

This is NOT a stay-to-play event. NO extra fees for any of our tournaments. We accept your teams secondary insurance, does not have to be USA Softball insurance.


AWARDS: Champion and Runner-Up Plaques with Individual Player Medals.

TOP 2 QUALIFIER! TOP 2 teams Wins berth per age division to our 2020 USA Softball National Championship tournament or 2020 USA Softball Western National Championship tournament. Must have at least eight teams per age division.

National Champioship and Western National events will be posted on January 5th, 2020 on each of our tournaments from January thru July of 2020.

Call Bobby Pena at 623 329-3813 cell for more information with our Promotion items per tournament.


4-Game Guarantee Format (12U - 14U - 16U divisions): 3 Pool games + Single Elim. Bracket. . Game Length: Pool games 1 hr. 20 min. no new inning after. Bracket games 1 hr. 20 min. no new inning after.

5-Game Guarantee Format (18U division only): 3 Pool games plus Single Elimination plus 1 Consolation game for teams that lose their first round Bracket game. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Game Length: All Games 1 hr. 20 min. no new inning after includes Pool, Bracket and Consolation games. Pool games can end in a Tie. (this is for 5-Game Guarantee Format)


BATTING ORDER: May bat entire team for Pool Games and Bracket Games.

COURTESY RUNNER: When batting entire lineup the Courtesy Runner for pitcher or catcher will be the last batted out. If not batting entire team and have players on the bench not listed in the starting lineup, standard rule applies; Then must use a non-starter player or player that has not been in the game to run for pitcher or catcher.

GHOST BATS: Can use either the New White, Blue or Gold Ghost bat for this tournament and any of our AZ Invitational Tournaments