9 Stars Sports


PHOENIX, AZ // 12.18.2020-12.20.2020

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.


      DIVISION / 5 Game Guarantee

      Entry Fee
      18 GOLD...First 24 Approved paid teams secure a spot. $1050
      16 GOLD...First 24 Approved paid teams secure a spot. $1050

      Event Registration Deadline: December 13, Sunday - May be Sold Out Early!

      NOTE: All teams will play at this 6-plex ROSE MOFFORD SPORTS COMPLEX-9833 n. 25th Ave-Phoenix, AZ 85021. College Coaches will recruit at this park. First 24 teams registered and paid secure a spot. Teams may use your personal Live Stream device.

      College Coaches Invited: DII, DIII, NAIA, AZ JC's; College Coaches will be posted as they commit.

      This event is for Gold or high skill level teams. Your team may need to be approved to participate in this event if you are not of this skill level. Contact Bobby Pena Event Director for more informationat 623 329-3813. DEPOSIT; Teams may pay a $525 non-refundable deposit online this will secure your team a spot in this event. Balance due will be by Dec. 12, 2020 payable online. You can call Bobby to assist you with your registration and payment over the phone. NOTE: Deposits or full entry fee payments will be refundable in the event of Rain Out cancellation. Refund will be no less than 90% of the full entry fee depending on tournament cost at time of cancelation.

      Lodging:..NOT Stay to Play, can stay anywhere you like. To find hotels google: "Rose Mofford Sports Complex AZ hotels close by".

      NO Gate Fee.


      AWARDS:..Champion and Runner Up Plaques. Medals for Runner Up team. Champion team willl receive custom designed special order Champions Tournament T-Shirts...Will take order/sizes from each player and coach after Championship Game.

      LODGING: This event is NOT "Stay to Play", teams may select your lodging anywhere you like. There is NO lodging buyout for this event. For best lodging rates google "Rose Mofford Sports Complex hotels close by". You will find very affordable rates, Hotels are anywhere from .3 miles to 2.5 miles for Rose Mofford Sports Park.


      FRIDAY INSTRUCTIONAL CAMP / $150 per Camper (first 80 players registered):..This is a College Coach run Viewing Instructional Camp, starts Friday at 5:00PM / ends 9:30PM

      4:30pm..Check-In:. Pitchers & Catchers

      5:00pm..*Pitchers field #5 / Catchers field #6..(1 hour drill session)

      *Pitchers BYO catcher...Catcher can be a coach, parent or team mate. Bring bucket to sit on.

      5:40pm..Check-In Infielders & Outfielders

      6:10pm..Infielders field #5 / Outfielders field #6..(1 hour drill session) All players in this segment.

      7:20pm Hitting-field #6 / Slapping-field #5

      8:30pm..Measurement Testing: Exit Velo, Overhand Throw, 20' Sprint, Pop-to-Pop Time, Pitchers speeds

      FORMAT Showcase College Coach Viewing Games Saturday & Sunday:..5GG Tournament Format / 3 pool games + single elimination bracket + teams losing first round of Bracket Play will recieve one Consolation Game.



      Standard USA Fast Pitch Rules apply with modification as stated above:..Printed rules on this tournament page for this event will be in effect.

      PITCHING STEP BACK OR START BACK RULE FOR 2020: Pitchers back foot may start back or step back behind the pitching rubber during or before the pitchers windup.

      COVID-19 RULE: PITCHING RULE REGARDING LICKING FINGERS; Pitchers may not lick fingers while in or around the pitching circle. First time is no-pitch, thereafter is an automatic ball to the batter.

      COVID-19 RULE/SPITTING: No spiting on the field of play by anyone participating in this event.

      BATTING LINEUP: May bat up to ten with one being a FLEX/DP and can use an EP. (Extra Player). Must maintain integrety of the batting order. In the event all players are substituted in the game and there are no courtesy runners available, then the pitcher and or catcher must run for thereself.

      WARM UP PITCHES PER INNING: 3 warm up ptiches, can throw down to 2B then back to catcher.

      SUBSTITUTIONS: All substitutions must be announced to the plate umpire..

      COURTESY RUNNER RULE: Available players listed on the lineup card not yet in the batting order may be courtesy runner for Pitcher or Catcher only.

      GAME LENGTH: All Pool Games and Bracket Games will be 1hr. 30 min. finish the inning. Championship Game only will be 7-innings no time limit. Allow 3 to 5 minutes for team to vacate the dugout before entering.



      GHOST BATS: The white, blue and gold Ghost bats may be used.

      COIN FLIP for Pool Games will decide home team.

      BRACKET GAMES:.."High seed" will have choice of Home or Visitor. In the event both teams are same seed then coin flip will decide Home or Visitor.

      DUGOUT: Team listed first will occupy 1B dugout unless preoccupied by team from prior game.

      RUN RULE: 10 after 5

      COVID-19 RULE - NO HUDDLES ON FIELD: While on field of play. social distancing is in effect.

      COVID-19 RULE - REGARDING HR BALL: Players MUST remain in dugout area may not enter the field to congratulate due to COVID-19 no mass gathering on field of play.

      BETWEEN INNINGS: 3 pitches warm up.. Catchers may throw down to 2B after last warm up pitch but, no huddles in the pitching circle.

      TIME OUTS: Limiited to 30 seconds.

      NEW JEWELRY RULE: To provide safety to players, NO hoops, NO bars and NO nose rings visible on face or ears. Small diamond studs on ears or side of nose is allowed. NO jewelry on mouth/lips. No taping over jewelry. Head Coach assumes injury liability due to excessive large jewelry that is not seen by official.

      PROTEST FEE: $100 cash only before protest is heard, cash given to Site Director not umpire, Protestor wins, will be returned Protest Fee. Lose protest,forfeits of $100. Clock runs during protest, clock may stop depending on time consumption of protest. UIC will help make final decision base on rule interpretation. Judgement calls are not protestable. Teams make sure you have all players birth certificates in your team binder, copy of your weekend Roster and copy of your Team Insurance

      EJECTIONS: Adult ejected must leave the park immediatlely and may not enter the park for the next game. Player ejection is confined to the dudgout. Anyone ejected for the second time is eliminated from the tournament and park for the rest of the tournament.