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Standard USA Fast Pitch Rules apply with slight modification as written below. Rules shown on this tournament page will be in effect for this event.

PITCHING RULE / Back Foot: Pitchers back foot may step back or start behind the pitching rubber during or before the pitchers windup. This new rule was voted on by USA Softball at our 2019 USA Softball National Meeting and is to be introduced starting January 1 of 2020.

BATTING LINEUP: May bat entire team for Pool Games and Bracket Games.

COURTESY RUNNER RULE: If batting entire team, the Courtesy Runner will be the LAST BATTED OUT for the pitcher and or catcher only. If you have players that are on the lineup card and have not been in the game, tthese players may be considered as the Courtesy Runner.

GAME LENGTH FOR INVITATIONAL ARIZONA TOURNAMENTS: All Pool Games will be 1hr. 20min. no new inning after. All Bracket Games will be 1hr. 20min. no new inning after including the Championship Game.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME game length; In the event where the City allows us we will play the Championship Game 7 innings with no clock, run rule for Championship Game will be 8 after 5 innings.

UMPIRES for Championship Game: For 7 inning game will have three umpires.

GHOST BATS: The white, blue and gold Ghost bats may be used.

NEW! HIGH SEED WILL HAVE CHOICE OF HOME OR VISITOR DURING BRACKET PLAY: In the event botth teams are same seed then coin flip will decide Home or Visitor.

DUGOUT: Team listed first will occupy 1B dugout. If a team that is currently playing stays on same field, that team will maintain same dugout.

RUN RULE: 12 after 3 / 10 after 4 / 8 after 5

NO HUDDLES: While on field of play. social distancing is in effect. HR, players stay in dugout may not enter the field.

BETWEEN INNINGS: 3 pitches. Catcher may throw down to 2nd base then bring back to pitcher. Do not enter cirle for huddles.

TIME OUTS: Limiited to 30 seconds.

NEW! JEWELRY RULE: To provide safety to players, NO hoops, NO bars and NO nose rings visible on face or ears. Small diamond studs on ears or side of nose is allowed. NO jewelry on mouth or lips. No taping over jewelry. Head Coach assumes liability to player due to injury caused by jewelry.

PROTEST FEE: $60 cash only before protest is heard, cash given to Site Director not umpire, Protestor wins, will be returned Protest Fee. Lose protest,forfeits $60. Clock runs during protest. UIC will help make final decision. on nature of the protest. Judgement calls are not protestable. ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE IN YOUR TEAM BINDER; A COPY OF ALL YOUR PLAYERS BIRTH CERTIFICATES, COPY OF YOUR WEEKEND ROSTER AND COPY OF YOUR TEAM INSURANCE.

EJECTIONS: Adult ejected must leave the park immediatlely and may not enter the park for the next game. Player ejection is confined to the dudgout. Anyone ejected for the second time is eliminated from the tournament and park for the rest of the tournament.