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Mission Statement

9 STARS SPORTS mission is to provide high quality one-on-one training, team training, camps, tournaments and showcases. We believe in providing an authentic, competitive fast pitch softball experience that all teams at any skill level can enjoy. We want players in every age division to feel like a better player after attending one of our one-on-one training, team training, camps, tournaments and showcases. While providing high quality events we want the player to grow in their skill level to ultimately be recruited by a college or university of their choice. It is important for athletes to be provided an environment in which they can display their athletic talent for better recruitment possibilities. 9 Stars Sports wants to give female fast pitch softball players all available opportunities for athletic growth. Furthermore, our goal is to provide customer satisfaction to the coaches, parents and athletes. We truly love this game and know we can provide the best service out there.

Our History

Welcome to 9 STARS SPORTS USA Softball of Arizona. From 2005-2015 we ran Triple Crown Sports Fast Pitch Softball of Arizona. After 10 years of working as a franchise for Triple Crown Sports, we decided to become an independent company and built 9 STARS SPORTS Fast Pitch Softball of Arizona. After a successful year with our company, USA Softball approached Bobby Pena about becoming the new Softball Commissioner of Arizona; he accepted the position. We re-branded as 9 STARS SPORTS USA Softball of Arizona. We are currently running USA Sanctioned tournaments for both Girls Fast Pitch and Adult Slow Pitch in Arizona and New Mexico. We also provide one-on-one training, team training, camps, tournaments and showcases for girls fast pitch softball. Our company goal is to provide a more competitive game, as well as, an overall better tournament experience for our customers.

Bobby Pena was a high school baseball player, community college baseball player, adult men's amateur baseball player, three time adult men's amateur baseball world series champion, and youth organization baseball coach. He played "A" division slow pitch softball, also qualifying for a number of Slow Pitch Nationals. He has since been a girls fast pitch softball coach for the past 30 years. He has also hosted a countless number of coaches clinics,one-on-one traing, team training, skill camps, tournaments, recruitment events, and showcases. He has provided lectures on the best practices for recruitment. Bobby Pena also works hand in hand with umpires and college coaches around the valley. He is now coaching the AZ Pinnacle High School Varsity girls fast pitch softball team which has been a two time 6A state runner-up and 6A State Champion under his coaching. Here at 9 STARS SPORTS we don't just love softball, we live softball.

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