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C CLASSIFICATION (Eligible Players): This event is for "C" skill level teams and players only. Club players that are B or A skill level will not be allowed to particiapte in this event. We ask that each league administrator sending teams to this event have screened all players so they are eligible to participate, this will allow us to have a fair competitive tournament..Thank You!

Game Length: 1 hr 30 min. no new inning after. In the event of a tie after time limit has expired the International Tie Breaker (ITB) will be used. The last batter from the last inning will be the base runner on 2nd base.

Run Rule: 12 after four innings, 8 after five innings.

Batting Lineup: Can bat 10 players, can use FLEX/DP or can use EP (Extra Player) or bat straight nine. Line up cards must have first name, last name, jersey # and position listed. Also must have all names of Substitute Players listed with first name, last name and jersey #.

Courtesy Runner: For pitcher and catcher only. Must use a different player for pitcher or catcher. Only a non-player not in the starting can be a Courtesy Runner.

Stealing or Pass Balls: 10U only, may steal on pass ball from any base but NOT from 3B to home.

Dropped 3rd Strike: 10U only, can not run to 1B on a dropped 3rd stirke.

Infield Fly Rule: Does apply to all age division.

Coin Flip: Home plate meeting will determine home or visiting team. Plate meeting will take place 10 min. prior to game time.

Dugout: First come first served. Warm Up areas for pregame warm up must be behind outfield fence.

Coach outside of dugout on Defense: One coach only will be allowed outside of dugout on Defense only, must be in designated area asigned by plate umpire. No buckets, no chairs allowed outside of dugout.

Between Innings: 1 minute or 5 warm up pitches whichever comes first. Hustle in and out please. Coaches please have a catcher ready to warm up pitcher.

Timeouts: All timeouts will be held to 30 seconds. Necessary water breaks will be permissable and will not be counted as an offcial time out.

Protest: All protest must be submitted before next pitch to plate umpire and a decision wil be rendered asap with the Tournament Director. Clock will continue to run during Protest process.

Ejections: In the event of an Adult Coach ejection. coach will be either restricted to the dugout for the remainder of the game or removed from the park for this game plus one game. Parent ejection, parent will be asked to leave the park for this game plus one game. In the event of two Ejections by the same person, that person will be disallowed into the park for the remainder of the tournament.

NO ALCOHOL, NO SMOKING, NO PROFANITY, NO ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, SORRY NO PETS allowed at this youth girls fast pitch event!