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PHOENIX, AZ // 10.11.2019

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    Camp open to ages 14 - 18 $125 per player

    Camp Date: October 11, 2019 (Friday)

    Entry Deadline: 10/9/2019 (Walk Ups need approval, call B. Pena at 623 329-3813 cell)

    A maximum of 70 players will be allowed into this camp. Contact Bobby Pena for Camp information. This Camp is for Grad Years of 2020 thru 2024 or ages 14u thru 18u..

    CAMP REGISTRATION ONLINE: All players MUST register online for this Camp and we suggest to register early. We typically Sell Out Early every year for this event. College Coaches will be listed soon.

    Note: If you do not meet the age requirement for this camp, please contact Bobby Pena for approval at (623) 329-3813.


    Camp Instruction includes:

    Skill building & enhancement drills taught by College Coaches. These drills include: Hitting, Slapping, Throwing Technique, Pitching, Catching, Measurement Testing, Infield and Outfield Skills.

    Measurement Testing on: Overhand throw (radar), Catchers Pop to Pop time, 20' Dash, Blast Motion Bat head speed/ball exit speed/body position/launch angle/where you're losing power, Pitching (radar all pitches recorded).

    All players will given an EMeasurement Testing I.D. #. This number will identify you with your Player Profile info and will have uploaded new EMeasurment Testing Data taken from this camp on your Profile.


    CAMP DATE: Friday October 11, 2019

    CAMP LOCATION: Rose Mofford Sports Complex-9833 N. 25th Ave.-Phoenix, AZ 85021

    All players check in 30 minutes prior to your segment start time. Check-In-Table will be located between fields 5 & 6. All Campers will be emailed this schedule and other reminder items by Tuesday October 8th.

    Camp Times:

    • 4:30pm Check-In: Pitchers & Catchers same time.
    • 4:50pm Pitchers field 5 / Catchers field 6
    • 6:00pm Future Stars EMeasurement Testing/Evaluation: All players attend. Bat head speed/ball exit speed/body position/bat plane, overhand throw speed, 20' sprint, catchers pop-to-pop time, pitchers speed all pitches.
    • 7:00pm Infield Drills (field 5)
    • 7:00pm Outfield Drills (field 6)
    • 8:00pm Hitting (field 5) Live Arm Front Toss / Hitting Eval with College Coaches
    • 8:00pm Slapping (field 6) Instructed by College Coaches
    • 9:15pm Camp Summary with College Coaches to Players and Parents (field 6 outfield grass)

    NOTE: All pitchers will need to provide your own catcher for the Pitching segment. The catcher can be a teammate or a parent. Catchers may sit on a bucket, bring your own bucket please..

    WALK UP CAMPERS: Can take Walk Up Campers on the day of the event but, must be cleared by B. Pena at 623 329-3813 cell. A courtesy email Camp Agenda will be emailed to campers on Wednesday October 9th. Please check your email for updated Camp details. Bring your own snacks, water and gatorade. Ready to show your skills to the College Coaches!